Anadolmus - Two Heads are Better

The two-headed Anadolmus is a species of large, flying reptile native to the Eastern slopes of the Tarnaskan Mountains (or Sun's Teeth as they are called in the East). Despite its draconic appearance it is not true dragonkind. The creature's brain is located in its scale-armored chest; it uses its heads mainly for eating and fighting. The Anadolumus relies mostly on two highly sensitive, forward-facing echo location organs, one at the base of each neck, which give it hawk-like vision in any lighting conditions (unless foggy) and the ability to see invisible objects.


The Silhouette looks like the shadow of a medium size human with a tail, but it is utterly black, like a void, regardless of lighting conditions. It can turn itself on edge to become invisible to victims viewing it straight on, or from up to 15-degrees left or right. When the Silhouette is so aligned, the ability to see invisible objects does not reveal it, nor does infravision or ultravision.


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