Flying Under the Influence

The other night my player group encountered some vampires flying overhead in bat form. A quick thinking magic user cast a Slow spell on them. On the assumption that the vampires would be unable to flap their wings fast enough to keep flying, I had them drop into some bushes. The PCs repeatedly cast Slow on them and managed to beat the crap out of them, forcing them into gaseous form. Since then I've been reconsidering how I handled this situation...

Timblemud Tree

In the days of the Quali Empire, an ancient evil wizard named Petrof experimented with storing human consciousness in living plants as part of his research into immortality. Though never entirely successful, he did create several trees imbued with the partial minds of test subjects. One such subject was a storyteller named Timblemud, whose extensive and detailed knowledge Petrof felt would provide a stringent test. Not only could the Timblemud tree recount any story the man had known; it could also learn new ones.

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