Vlasts - Ethereal Carrier Pigeons of Valos

The Vlast is a specially bred variant of stirge that can fly through the ethereal plane. Vlasts have excellent homing instincts and can be domesticated, making them ideal for carrying short messages quickly. A vlast can be bonded to a person or party by spending one full day in their company while being fed a particular herb called Mindwort. Thereafter, when released the vlast will fly back and forth between its home base and that person or party. Rebonding a vlast to a different person requires an interim week of feeding on Mindwort in the company of only its trainer or other vlasts.

Flying Under the Influence

The other night my player group encountered some vampires flying overhead in bat form. A quick thinking magic user cast a Slow spell on them. On the assumption that the vampires would be unable to flap their wings fast enough to keep flying, I had them drop into some bushes. The PCs repeatedly cast Slow on them and managed to beat the crap out of them, forcing them into gaseous form. Since then I've been reconsidering how I handled this situation...

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