Yeoman Karp

Karplin Tenebron is the 32-year-old yeoman of Baron Childs, who owns the village of Dilnap and the surrounding farms and forest. The baron is widely regarded as a do-nothing minor noble whose inherited lands are slowly wasting away from apathetic management. Yeoman Karp, as he is known to the villagers, struggles to maintain the standards set by his father, who had the job before him. But the baron hunts and fishes at a whim, caring not at all for the seasons. Karp has to lie to his master to steer him away from foaling deer and nursing boar sows, or Childs would lay waste to the game.

A ten-year-old boy named Larch will approach the PCs in a public place such as a tavern or market and ask if they are skilled hunters. The boy idolizes Karp and often follows the yeoman on his rounds through the estate. Larch tells the PCs that his friend needs some good hunters to kill a monster. Other than that he has no information.

After sizing up the party Karp tells them that six sheep have gone missing on his master's estate, and he has found the tracks of a creature unknown to him. Karp believes that this creature is responsible but dares not go after it by himself, as the tracks are large and appear to belong to a formidable carnivore. It seems to have a lair in a dark, dense part of the woods. Karp cannot convince the master to let him hire and equip a hunting party.

Though he won't openly speak ill of the young baron, Karp privately confides that in matters of maintaining the estate Childs hears only what he wants to hear. Karp fears that the baron suspects him of selling the missing sheep himself, and that he might soon lose his job. He cannot offer the PCs money, but he is certain that if they find and kill the carnivore and present the baron with its carcass and a spectacular story, they will be rewarded, for the baron loves an excuse to throw a party.