The Lucky Squirrel

The Lucky Squirrel tavern has an interesting history.

Forty years ago a young boy named Hecton was out hunting with his shortbow and a set of newly made arrows. He wounded a grey squirrel and followed it a quarter mile before finding it in a clearing, still alive. At the animal's feet Hecton noticed a glint in the grass and found a shiny silver piece. Regarding this as an omen he caught the squirrel, nursed it back to health, and kept it as a pet until it died about 8 years later.

At age seventeen Hecton went off to serve in the army. Returning home after ten years he spent his mustering out pay to build the inn on this same spot. The stuffed squirrel is mounted over the door, clutching in its tiny paw the original silver piece.

Soon after opening the Lucky Squirrel Hecton married a local woman named Greida, who runs the place with him. Now in their early fifties, they leave most of the daily chores to their two grown children, Bruno and Leista, Bruno's wife Mimm, and a couple hirelings. Hecton spends a great deal of time in the main room of the inn, swapping stories with customers and adding to his knowledge of the world. He has an excellent memory and a love of maps, and is a good source of information about the lands he traveled as an army bowman.

For game purposes Hecton is an 8th level Fighter with exceptional archery skill.