Anadolmus - Two Heads are Better

The two-headed Anadolmus is a species of large, flying reptile native to the Eastern slopes of the Tarnaskan Mountains (or Sun's Teeth as they are called in the East). Despite its draconic appearance it is not true dragonkind. The creature's brain is located in its scale-armored chest; it uses its heads mainly for eating and fighting. The Anadolumus relies mostly on two highly sensitive, forward-facing echo location organs, one at the base of each neck, which give it hawk-like vision in any lighting conditions (unless foggy) and the ability to see invisible objects.

The creature's reliance on echo location makes it vulnerable to Silence spells, which force it to use the relatively weak eyes in its heads. When deprived of echo location during combat it suffers a -2 penalty to hit, and will often flee skyward if possible. Two combat rounds after regaining its echo location ability it will consider rejoining battle or retreating altogether.

Anadolmi love gems and jewelry, and will chew up a defeated opponent's clothing and gear to search for them, skillfully removing rings and other ornaments. They tend not to bother with coins. The creatures lair in shallow mountain caves and sheltered crags, surrounding the entrance with vegetation and the skins of prey. They feed on the wild goats and ponies that roam the eastern foothills and high plains, but they can snatch up humans when they have the chance.

The hide of an Anadolmus varies from ochre to black, its underside from dirty yellow to sandy brown. Its eyes are a distinct dark violet, which fades almost to black in old age. Anadolmi live approximately 80 years.

In melee combat the Anadolmus attacks with its two heads and clawed forelimbs. It can also make two additional attacks with its taloned feet, but only when prone.

The creature's breath weapon, which it can use 2x/day (once from each mouth), is a cone of debilitating gas, similar to a Stinking Cloud but with varying effects. As shown in the following table, the effects of the breath weapon depend on how much the victim's saving throw vs Poison is better or worse than the value needed to save. For example, "3+" means the victim's saving throw was at least three better than needed:

  • 3+ : no effect
  • 2+ : acute eye, nose and throat irritation; spellcasting fails, victim attacks at -1, and any Dex bonus is nullified, for 1d4+1 rounds
  • 1+ : equivalent to saving vs Stinking Cloud
  • 0 : equivalent to failing a save vs Stinking Cloud
  • 2- : lose 1 point of Constitution for 2d4+2 days
  • 4- : permanently lose 1 point of Constitution
  • 6- : make a system shock roll; success = fall into a coma for 2d4+2 days, failure = death

Alignment: CE
HD: 9-12
Size: L (25' including tail)
Int: Average
Number of Attacks: 4 (claw, claw, bite, bite): 2d8 each
Number Appearing: d6; when 4 or more are found together, at least one will have 12 HD with 72 HP.