5th Edition Death Saves - wtf?

I'm just going to have a little rant about the Death Save rule in 5th Edition.

In 1E if you get hurt badly enough that your hit points drop to zero, you are stable but unconscious. If you drop below zero you start fading steadily, losing 1 hp per round from blood loss. If you reach -10 hp you die, but before you bleed out you can be healed by magic, or someone can physically patch you up enough to stabilize you. On those sorry occasions when you get hit with a massive wallop that instantly takes you below -10, well... you're just dead.

I like this system. While not super-realistic medically, it feels real enough and I've always found it very playable.

The 5th edition procedure is very different. When you get hurt to such an extent that your hit points would drop below zero, they don't. They just go to zero and stop there. At that point you roll a saving through vs Death. If you succeed, you're stable and everything is okay. If you fail, you write that down and try again next round. Three failed Death saves means you die. This scheme provides some of the same suspense as old-fashioned bleeding out, and gives you a chance to pull through on your own during those hectic times when your fellow party members can't reach you, or are kinda busy not getting killed themselves. I really like that part of it, but not as much as I hate the part I hate.

Say you're down to 2 hp and you get stabbed with a dagger for 2 more, putting you at zero. If nobody steps in and patches you up you have 3 chances to make a successful Death Save on your own and not die. Okay. Next day you're at 2 hp again and this time you get hit by a 48-point Fireball. I don't know how 3rd and 4th Eds would handle this, but in 1E you would be down to -46 hp, not just dead but crispy-beyond-recognition dead. Because that would make sense. But in 5E that 48-hp fireball only actually inflicts 2hp, taking you to zero, and you now have 3 chances to roll a Death Save just like yesterday.

As Johnny Cochran would have said to OJ's jury, THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!! No need to wave a monkey hand puppet. It truly makes no sense whatsoever, in any way. Of all of the 5E rules, this is the only one that made me shake my head and wonder, what in The Hell were the folks at WotC thinking? Or smoking?