Urumi - The Multi-Bladed Whip Sword of India

Imagine a flexible metal whip five feet long with razor-sharp edges. Attach five or six of these to a sword hilt. Now picture a wiry, agile opponent coming at you with one in each hand, twirling and gyrating to keep both flurries of blades in constant motion. How do you parry a berserk weed-whacker?


Shade the Light

Second level Wizard spell, range 30 ft, duration 10 minutes +1 minute per spellcaster level.


Flying Under the Influence

The other night my player group encountered some vampires flying overhead in bat form. A quick thinking magic user cast a Slow spell on them. On the assumption that the vampires would be unable to flap their wings fast enough to keep flying, I had them drop into some bushes. The PCs repeatedly cast Slow on them and managed to beat the crap out of them, forcing them into gaseous form. Since then I've been reconsidering how I handled this situation...

Timblemud Tree

In the days of the Quali Empire, an ancient evil wizard named Petrof experimented with storing human consciousness in living plants as part of his research into immortality. Though never entirely successful, he did create several trees imbued with the partial minds of test subjects. One such subject was a storyteller named Timblemud, whose extensive and detailed knowledge Petrof felt would provide a stringent test. Not only could the Timblemud tree recount any story the man had known; it could also learn new ones.

Dust of Inspection

When a handful of this powdery, light gray sand is spread over a surface, such as the lid of a box, the dust and the surface become transparent, allowing inspection of what lies underneath. The effect penetrates up to two inches of non-metallic material. The dust does not create its own light source; ambient light and the user's own vision simply work the same as when looking through a hole. Infravision and ultravision function normally. A typical vial contains enough dust to cover a palm-size circular area, about four inches across. The dust can be reused any number of times.

Anadolmus - Two Heads are Better

The two-headed Anadolmus is a species of large, flying reptile native to the Eastern slopes of the Tarnaskan Mountains (or Sun's Teeth as they are called in the East). Despite its draconic appearance it is not true dragonkind. The creature's brain is located in its scale-armored chest; it uses its heads mainly for eating and fighting. The Anadolumus relies mostly on two highly sensitive, forward-facing echo location organs, one at the base of each neck, which give it hawk-like vision in any lighting conditions (unless foggy) and the ability to see invisible objects.


The Silhouette looks like the shadow of a medium size human with a tail, but it is utterly black, like a void, regardless of lighting conditions. It can turn itself on edge to become invisible to victims viewing it straight on, or from up to 15-degrees left or right. When the Silhouette is so aligned, the ability to see invisible objects does not reveal it, nor does infravision or ultravision.


Yeoman Karp

Karplin Tenebron is the 32-year-old yeoman of Baron Childs, who owns the village of Dilnap and the surrounding farms and forest. The baron is widely regarded as a do-nothing minor noble whose inherited lands are slowly wasting away from apathetic management. Yeoman Karp, as he is known to the villagers, struggles to maintain the standards set by his father, who had the job before him. But the baron hunts and fishes at a whim, caring not at all for the seasons. Karp has to lie to his master to steer him away from foaling deer and nursing boar sows, or Childs would lay waste to the game.

The Lucky Squirrel

The Lucky Squirrel tavern has an interesting history.

Forty years ago a young boy named Hecton was out hunting with his shortbow and a set of newly made arrows. He wounded a grey squirrel and followed it a quarter mile before finding it in a clearing, still alive. At the animal's feet Hecton noticed a glint in the grass and found a shiny silver piece. Regarding this as an omen he caught the squirrel, nursed it back to health, and kept it as a pet until it died about 8 years later.


Riddle Trap

The PCs enter a chamber that appears to be a dead end. A Magic Mouth speaks the following riddle:

"Carry me in a bucket and it's lighter than it was."

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